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Here's how it works. Once a month I get talented authors to give away a free thriller for you to download and enjoy. (You pick the ones you like... they hope you'll get hooked and become a fan.)

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If you are interested in being selected for the next giveaway please take a look at the author page. You can also email me (below) if you have any questions. Nick.


Books from previous promotions may still be available, but are no longer guaranteed free.

April 2017


Featured authors:

  • Andrew Allan
  • Scott Matthews
  • Andrew Barrett
  • Clare Blanchard
  • Joseph Mark Brewer
  • Mike Winter
  • JT Lawrence
  • Matthew Mather
  • Steven Moore
  • Laura Read
  • Andre Gonzalez
  • David F. Berens


  • Debbi Mack
  • Ian Sutherland
  • Paul Casselle
  • Gabriel Farago
  • Nick Warren

I'm Nick Warren, author of the Jon Kaine thrillers . The giveaways at are handled via Instafreebie, and are subject to their terms and conditions. All book covers and blurbs are copyright to their authors... obviously :-)

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             Nick... in the dark... yesterday.

             Nick... in the dark... yesterday.