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Hey there author friends,

I'm Nick, the author behind It's an experiment to test the value of running branded joint promotions via InstaFreebie. During our first promotion (April 2017) over half the 16 authors added over 800 subscribers – InstaFreebie promoted us twice to their mailing list :-)


I'm getting quite a lot of enquiries about how it works, so here's the info.

  1. Check the criteria below, and if you are interested fill in the form below.
  2. I'll select around 15 authors to be part of the promo.
  3. If you get through you'll get a welcome email, and a link to join a private Facebook Group for coordination and info sharing.
  4. I build the promo page.
  5. The promos run for 9 days (Friday to Sunday). 
  6. We all promote the offer to our mailing lists (twice), and on social media.
  7. Readers can peruse the books and download anything they like.
  8. Authors receive the email addresses of people who download their book via InstaFreebie (obviously).

What does it cost?

Nothing, except your time and commitment to promote the giveaway :-)

I'm happy to donate my time, the website and the hosting in return for featuring my book in each giveaway, but consequently I don't promote every giveaway to my list.

Submission Criteria

It's not practical (or desirable) to handle this on a first come first served basis. I'm looking for authors who fit with me and each other.

Basic Requirements

  • Your book/novella needs to be a thriller... obviously :-)
  • It's a complete story (novellas and short stories are fine, but no bait and switch)
  • It's free and available via InstaFreebie
  • It hasn't been featured on in the last 3 months
  • It has a professional cover and blurb
  • You have a mailing list of 1,000 or more readers (but see below if you have less)
  • You agree to promote the giveaway to your subscribers, and on social media.
  • You undertake to share your results so we can all know whether it was worth it.


  • Authors with higher quality mailing lists
  • Books that are well reviewed on Amazon or Goodreads

I aim to reserve 3 spots for authors with tiny mailing lists... because it's good to help people out :-)

Who am I?

For those of you who don't know me... I'm Nick Warren, author of Execution Is Everything. I'm also the owner of a web development studio in the UK, a business I ran for 18 years before stepping back to chairman in 2016.

I'm friendly, so feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Otherwise please submit your details in the form below.

All best,


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At a minimum this involves promoting the giveaway to your email list and social media followers once at the start and once 24 hours before the end.